About the Site

I know what you are thinking.  “Waiting to live?”  What kind of a blog title is that?  Who is waiting to live?  Do I think you are waiting?  Am I waiting?  Is waiting a good thing?  Bad thing?  Is this about a college student who can’t wait to get out?  A single person who can’t wait to be married?  A professional who has dreamed about running her own business?  A parent who can’t wait for the last kid to move out?  Is this about the past, the present, or the future?

Well, I guess we are all here to find out.


One thought on “About the Site

  1. I just Googled “Waiting to Live” and found this site.Your writing is excellent and I encourage you to write more.I was actually thinking in my mind,”Waiting to live”,because that is how I feel right now.And I was wondering if anyone else feels the same.Somehow it just helps sometimes to know anyone else feels the same and to know I’m not alone in this big big world.I find your writing inspirational!Please keep up the good work!

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