Wandering Aramean

Rob Bell once preached a sermon, or maybe a sermon series, called “My Father is a Wandering Aramean.” The Wandering Aramean was Abram, later renamed Abraham. He was called by God to leave his home with his father in Haran (themselves transplants from Ur). God told Abram to head out to a land which he would be shown. The land wasn’t even named. “Just go. I’ll let you know when you get there.”

I feel like a wandering Aramean myself. When people ask me where I’m from, I struggle with how to answer and usually launch into a much-too-long answer that involves rattling off the numerous places I have lived in my life. If you’re interested, take a look at the About Me page. Constantly on the move, it’s hard for me to invest in people or places. I’m not used to sticking around long enough to make it matter.

Tonight, I was reading in Luke 12 and came across verse 34. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Jesus’ point, of course, is that our treasure needs to be with God. Heavenly treasures aren’t subject to corruption or decay. I get that.

But tonight, as a wandering Aramean, I’m struck by the idea of committing and investing in the place where God has you. Have your place. Know the name of your librarian. Have a history with the barber who cuts your hair. I say this particularly to those who have had to or chosen to leave familiar stomping grounds in order to go to the job or the ministry or the mission field or whatever. Commit to where you are. Invest. Buy a home if you can. Develop friendships. You are where God needs you to be. Where God wants you to be. So place your treasure there.

Don’t be looking back. Don’t be looking elsewhere. Don’t be looking for greener pastures. You are here, now. This moment is all we have. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Invest fully in this moment. Live. Live now. Live right where you are. Place your treasure in the present where God has you and let your heart be there, too.

I think that may be the best way to follow God and honor Jesus’ words in Luke 12:34.

Blessings on you as you give up on waiting to live when the right time comes, the right job comes, the right paycheck comes, the right person comes, the right “whatever.” Live now. Invest now. Commit now. Treasure now. Place all of your heart now. God’s name is “I Am.” Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. He is now. Be here. Now.

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