Remind Us: A Prayer

Again, this morning, Lord, we find ourselves here. The rhythm of our lives draws us to this place each Sunday morning. We gather, we greet, we sing, we pray, we listen, we sing again, and we depart.

On these very grounds, within these very walls, You have met with us. You have sought us out when we pretended to ourselves that we were seeking You. You have called us by name, declaring us to be Your very prized possession. Like that man our Lord told us about who found a treasure in a field and sold everything he had to buy that field, You gave everything You had – Your very Son – to redeem us for Yourself.

Within these very walls, You have performed miracles. Addictions have been broken. Lives have been transformed. Broken hearts have been mended. The hopeless have found hope. Within these very walls these things have happened. But it is not the walls that have accomplished it. It is not the pews that have accomplished it. It is not the musicians or the songwriters or the revivalists who have accomplished it.

No, Lord, it is You who have accomplished these things. It is You who called us out. It is You who transformed a habit of coming here into a passion for being here. It is You who have challenged us to honor Your word, to seek Your face, to proclaim Your truth, to ponder Your wisdom.

Today, Lord, we beg of You to remind us of You.

Remind us of the things You have done for us, that we might forget our own plans and designs for tomorrow in favor of whatever it is You might desire or accomplish.
Remind us of what we once were so that we remain utterly dependent on Your grace, Your love, Your mercy.

Freshen our memories this morning, Lord, so that we see that behind every step, every word, every breath is not a muscle in our own bodies, but the muscle’s designer and creator. Remind us that everything we claim for ourselves is first and ever Yours and Yours alone, given to us as stewards but for a short time.

Remind us, Lord, of the fleetingness of life, that we would live each moment to the utmost, filling it with the best we can offer, the most we can accomplish in it. When the time comes to give an account, may none have been wasted.

Remind us, Lord, that in setbacks and disappointments come new roadways, new relationships, and a greater dependence on You. [You might offer your own petitions for yourself and others in need here.]

Remind us, Lord, in each day that comes before us, of Your plans for us. Plans to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us both hope and a future. Even if none of that is here, in this age, on this earth.

Remind us, Lord, of You. In all things. In every bird’s song, every flower’s scent, every storm’s clap, every morsel’s taste, every laugh’s joy, and every tear’s sorrow.

Remind us of You. In all things. Ever and always.

In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who did not fail to remember even the least of those who were around Him. Amen.

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