Core Values

I just finished reading Being Leaders by Aubrey Malphurs. I may reflect more on the book as I process it, but I want to get one particular set down tonight. I have been using another of Malphurs’ books, Advanced Strategic Planning, to help walk our church through the establishing of core values, a mission statement, and a vision statement. In Being Leaders, Malphurs throws out the idea of personal core values. He mentions it in Advanced Strategic Planning, but I never actually thought about setting out my own core values.

One of the appendices in Being Leaders is a personal core values audit. It’s actually the same audit he gives for churches to use in both books. So I took it, and here’s what I discovered about myself, in the order of priority that I established for them:

  1. Worship and Prayer
  2. Bible Knowledge
  3. Evangelism/Lost People/Missions
  4. Community/Relevance
  5. Mobilized Laity

The order is significant, as I perceive this is a process that someone would walk through. First, people should worship God and engage Him in prayer. This would be naturally followed by a desire to know Him more, which would happen through Bible study. While I don’t think Bible knowledge is necessarily a prerequisite for evangelism, I believe we become better evangelists the more we know about God, which is why I have it third. As we pursue evangelism, we will likely realize that we need to understand the people we are trying to reach: the people of our community (either where we were born or where we have chosen to live for work, family, or ministry). We will need to understand the community and make our message relevant, that is in the vernacular of the community so that the message can be heard and understood.  And I firmly believe that this is a task of everyone in the church, not just the lead pastor, the staff, or the church leaders (be they deacons, elders, Sunday school teachers, or some other unnamed group).

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