I actually, for once, have finished a book. David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons’s study of the younger generations they label the Busters and the Mosaics was a really good survey of who and what we are, since I am one of them. For me, it was helpful just to see much of what I think confirmed or explained in some way – at least I know it’s not just me (that that I really thought that)! However, I am not really sure what the book was trying to accomplish other than, “This is what it’s like.” And I’m not sure that it accomplishes that.

I found that I was nodding my head a lot in agreement, so I don’t think the book is wrong in any of what it says. But I’m not sure that it will change anything. I know of one older Boomer who started reading it, but hasn’t gotten past chapter 2. I don’t think he is sure what to do with the material. His attitude is more like, “If it’s that bad, what hope is there?”

I guess I’m not sure whether to recommend the book or not. I suppose it is best for someone who wants to understand where the younger generations are coming from, or for a member of the younger generation who wants to balance a traditionally conservative expression of Christianity with the thinking of his/her peers and professors.

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