After a chaotic week, such as the one we have just had, it is so nice to be home. But I must admit that it is weird that home is different from the place where family is. We spent a lot of time with my Dad’s family, and we spent a short amount of time with my Mom’s family – so I saw both. At one point, while driving, I pondered how nice it would be to be within reasonable driving distance of family.

Then we boarded the plane this morning and arrived at our local airport. A couple from church picked us up, even parking in the lot ($7.00 for 45 minutes) and waiting for us inside the terminal. They offered to take us out to eat, which we gladly accepted, not having a clue what we had food-wise in the house. We had a good visit. And then just being in our house with the familiar surroundings – so many things we left in the middle during our rush out to the airport earlier this week.

It’s just so nice to have a home, and to be here at it. To be in the familiar. The comfortable. To return to normal after the extremely abnormal.

It is my prayer that you, too, have a place that is home for you.

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