What to pray?

My Dad’s sister is in the hospital.

A week and a half ago, she drove hours to a larger metropolitan area with a good hospital system to be vetted for a possible liver transplant. Just this past week, she found out that she made the cut; her name is on the list for a new liver. She went back to work, tried to learn how to use a cell phone so she could be contacted when the organ became available.

Friday she couldn’t go to work.

Saturday she couldn’t move at all.

Sunday she went into the hospital. With a stomach infection. And kidney failure. The kidneys, not the liver. Quickly, unexpectedly, out of the blue. They called the family. She stabilized some. We’re still waiting.

Through it all, I’m wondering what I should pray. I feel desperately that I should know what to pray, that it is my responsibility to know what to pray. It’s not how – I understand that part. It’s the what. What do I come to God asking for? For her to live? She knows Christ and what He has done for her. Certainly the other side of death is better. Do I pray for comfort? For peace? For energy? For strength? For assurance? For health? For wisdom? For ……………..
In James, we’re told that the sick were to seek out leaders of congregations, righteous men, so that that they could pray over the sick and the sick could be made well. In Ecclesiastes, we’re told that to everything there is a season – to be born, and to die.

I come to the “closet” and silence confronts me. I have no doubt that it is full silence. That the Holy Spirit is working and groaning where words fail me.

What to pray? I don’t have the faintest clue. All I know is that I am to pray.


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