Here are some things I’d love to see our church incorporate into their worship, or at least try. This list will expand, I’m sure – probably in separate posts:

  • Better use of technology. Not to say that technology is an answer to anything, but there is much out there that can be used to enhance our services. Some of it we are using (we have a screen with Powerpoint announcements before the service), much of it we are not. I recognize that there is a lot out in the world that is just gimmicks and seduction of the moment, and we need much wisdom and discernment if/when/as we embark this trail.
  • Better understanding of marketing. Our culture is so marketing savvy – I, at least, can recognize pretty quickly a poorly designed marketing blitz. I do not mean to say that we need to be pouring money into marketing – lots of companies poor millions of dollars (or euros or yen) into campaigns that accomplish nothing. But as we reach out to our community, I want us to have a good grasp on the best way to get our intent and purposes across. I don’t want to be using cheap for the sake of cheap or expensive for the sake of expensive. I want to represent my God and Savior well as I go about his business.
  • Deeper spiritual growth. Who doesn’t want this? I think we are good at a lot of surface things – church dinners and such – but we lack in the area of real deep study and growth. I think it shows in the way we (don’t) reach out to our community as broadly as I think we could or should. Of course, there are exceptions – there are people in the church who do more than I would ever expect anyone to do on their own. But broadly speaking, I think our church could involve itself in the community more. I think it is telling that so many in our small community know little or nothing about our church.
  • I want to see us do more of being Christ in the world. Service is a characteristic of Christ. See more on the above item.
  • Broader understanding and use of worship in the service. More than music. More than style. More than drama. I want the congregation to see worship as more than any one thing or element. And I want the congregation to understand that worship doesn’t just happen while sitting in a pew or inside the walls of a building where the church meets regularly. I want our people to worship throughout the week. And when we worship together, I want us to do it with songs from every age and every style, with Scripture reading and reflection, with sounds and silence, with reflection, humility, and honesty.

I think I shall stop there for now.


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