Our watchful God

So the Democrats (at least when I checked earlier today) have control in at least one chamber of Congress. The other chamber may be decided as well, but I have not looked to find out. As probably many other Americans did, I presume, I treated this election as a referendum on the actions of the government currently in place and tended to vote for change in the government – which does not mean straight party ticket one way or another. I do not hold to the view of many of those in other places I have lived where one particular party is blessed by God, and thus is the only way to vote. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and lengthy power corrupts almost imperceptibly. I am all for new faces, new ideas, and renewed zeal for truth, transparency, and honesty. Not that I really think that will happen, but I am all for it.

The devotional I have been reading this week has suggested reading through 1 Thessalonians, and the passage for today was from the second chapter, verses 10-16 (though I started reading at verse 8). It was comforting and terrifying to read that God watches and sees what goes on, and that “his anger catch[es] up with them at last.” We have read story after story in the papers, in the blogosphere, and seen stories on TV of God’s wrath catching up to people that we think are above reproach and of the highest honor. It is comforting that corruption does not last forever. That, as my pastor who is preaching through Revelation has been reminding us, God wins in the end – and there is no doubt in that victory. That is comforting. And it is terrifying. Because I am a minister. I am just as likely to become the one who has to one day describe himself as the “liar and deceiver” because I have become so caught up in the cult of my personality that I cannot face the mirror and see who I really am. I cannot have others helping me because I am afraid that they will spread it on and suddenly everyone will know. As ardently opposed to the idea as I am here, now, sitting in my chair, I am no different from any of the others whose past caught up with them. I just haven’t had a chance to live a “past” yet that could catch up to me.

God watches. You’d think that would be enough to stop someone who believes in a just and good God who promises judgment. It is my prayer for you that God would surround you by those who will keep you honest, keep you on the right and narrow path, keep you from harming yourself or others. That you would know that those who love you and care for you are there to help you through the difficulties, the temptations, and the struggles of life. That we do not face this alone. That God is watching.

Will you pray for me, too?


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