After a long break from it, I picked up Phyllis Tickle’s The Divine Hours today and started with the mid-day office. This is a reflection I hand wrote after completing the office.

God is holy. Set apart. Sacred. Undefiled. Perfectly good.

And yet he calls me to approach him. He wants me in his presence. He delights in our conversation. He wishes for me the best of his creation – all that he created me to be and to do.  And even as much as I seek to ignor or thwart or pervert or defame, his desire soes not waken or lessen.

For he is holy. It matters not that I am not holy. That what I am – a sinner and blasphemer – cannot stand to live or live ot stand in the presence of a holy one such as God. For I, as Isaiah, know what is due me when I approach God. He is holy, so for my profane self to approach demands death. I know this at the core of my being.

But God still wishes an audience. He still desires the conversation. ANd the holy Creator will work to make the fallen created something that can endure his holiness. He works to make us holy. He has no more desire to see us succumb to the tragedy of death than we have the desire to succumb to it.

Holiness does not rejoice in vengeance or vindication. Holiness seeks restoration and completion, not death and decay.

Thank you, Lord, for your holiness and for not giving up on us – on me.


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