A lot of my thoughts turn to praxis – how to live out faith in everyday life. It is one of the reasons my attention diverted from academia to the church while in seminary. I got frustrated while writing an exegetical paper, wondering about the point of writing thirty pages on two Greek sentences. Anyway, the HOW of Christian faith I finally hear catching up to the WHAT and WHY of Christian faith. We are moving from elaborating systematic theologies to embracing the understanding and asking HOW. And I think it is wonderful.

Todd Hiestand has a great post on HOW that I highly recommend.

One thought on “How

  1. Seems like theology is a dance between thinking about God and acting about God. If there are too many of one kind of step, our dance gets a little stilted and eventually takes us off the dance floor altogether.

    In parts of 19th Century theology, we were off the dance floor and out in the hayfield.

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