Even more theodicy, and my own concession

The more I thought about my rash decision to attribute evil to God, and to say that the evil in the world somehow makes it more perfect, the more I tasted the bad taste that left in my mouth.

I guess what I would like to say is that God must be the author of the choice for evil, but it is our responsibility for choosing that option. As a condition for free will, God had to create the possibility for evil – that is the more perfect creation. It is interesting to me that the more perfect creation must allow room for flaws to be woven into it, and for the perfect to become imperfect and need restoration.

And yet, the question that I decide to remention and then leave alone is this: if Eve had not eaten of the apple and all of humanity lived in the garden and incarnation and redemption had never happened, would God’s majesty and glory and love still be as great?

Hmm…Paul is echoing in my head: “me genoito!” – “Of course not!” (NLT)


One thought on “Even more theodicy, and my own concession

  1. [realizing up front that I’m still speaking from my own idea of theodicy:]

    If Adam and Eve had not sinned at that point, I am convinced they or one of their children would have committed that original sin at some future point. If God had created the option that human beings could choose evil, it would only be a matter of time before one chose that option. Not that we always have a clear 50/50 choice between something good and something evil. But in every decision we make, there is an opportunity for us to do something destructive.

    If God chose to allow that option, and knew that it would be chosen at some point, is that authorship? I don’t know.

    Which also provides an interesting point to ponder the meaning of evil/sin. Is evil/sin wrong simply because God has said it is wrong, or is evil/sin anything that works away from God’s Kingdom (in the broadest sense of the redemption of the world)?

    I’m glad, for my part, that I’ve never been tempted to do a PhD. I’m convinced I don’t have an original thought in my head about God!

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