Broadening the Topic

However… sitting here on a beautiful and cool Friday morning, sipping my coffee, and wishing my two sermons for this weekend would write themselves…

I began to look back over these posts on theology and theodicy, and felt a sudden sense of irrelevance. After reading the excellent spread in TIME magazine a couple of weeks ago about the origin and nature of the universe, I begin to wonder if we (myself certainly included) have gotten a little self-centered in our thinking of God and salvation.

Someone has said that, in comparison to the universe, our little solar system is something like a grain of sand compared to the sun. And yet, despite our advances in understanding our universe, we still keep our figurative view that human beings are the center of that universe. All of creation, all of redemption and salvation are about US. You and I are the reason God created the stars and the planets and galaxies, are we?

What if salvation is about more than just our tiny human existence? What if eternity is more than just humans, leaping lemming-like to streets of gold or fiery depths? What if redemption is the size of this enormous universe, and we are only a part?


2 thoughts on “Broadening the Topic

  1. I don’t know – you’ll have to admit that God becoming one of us must say SOMETHING about humanity’s importance to the universe. Not to say that he might not do something equally or more astounding elsewhere in the universe, but…I just think the incarnation means that we do have significance, despite the grandness of our surroundings.

  2. I forgot to mention, I had the same sense of irrelevance on the whole topic of theodicy, though not for the insignificance reasons. I just think we are beating a dead horse and there are better things to spend our brainpower on. Like finding more ways to do good, and actually doing them.

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