My wife and I have landed.  Moving is such a chaotic thing. Note to anyone who rents their own truck to move: U-hauls (at least the one we had) don’t do well in the mountains. 20 mph up hill through beautiful moutain terrain makes for one long haul.  Especially when we are in a time crunch.

Anyway, we made it. We got everything packed, some professional movers did a great job loading the truck for us, and a team of volunteers did a marvelous job of unloading the truck. All that and I never even had to drive it!

We have spent the last week arranging and unpacking everything that had taken us weeks to load and pack.  I think this was the part that was more fun. I think. We have both decided to not move any time soon. Which I am sure is a great relief to my new employer.

Anyway, I wanted to confirm to anyone who is actually reading this that we are alive. And now that we are moved in and have internet access again, I will hopefully start posting more regularly.


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