Ready for launch

I was excited today to read online that the Shuttle Discovery made a safe and “flawless” landing in Florida.  Someone I listened to recently said that the only reason we watched the launch on July 4 was to find out if all the astronauts were going to be safe.  (Actually, he put it much more blunt than that – and I was and am so bothered by the bluntness, that I won’t repeat it.  It wasn’t wrong, obscene, or offensive really. Just blunt. And for me, uncomfortably so.)  He was right. I watched with my family in eager anticipation, not really sure what was going to happen on the screen, but riveted to it nonetheless.

But those astronauts are safely back on the ground, returning to their families. And NASA, at least from what I read, is assuming that the post-Columbia test flights are done, and full-fledged mission planning, ISS building, and Hubble repairing can now pick up where it left off.

These are interesting times in my life. I mentioned that my 300 resumes (give or take a few) finally matched me with a good place to work. But I’m not there yet. We’re still in process. I am still working out the rest of my notice at my old employer. Still packing boxes, not really sure whether we’re more or less than halfway done and amazed about how much stuff we crammed into a two bedroom apartment. Part of me feels like I’m outside of myself, watching my life on a tv screen, incredibly hopeful of the possibilities of what might be, yet utterly fearful of what might be. And completely riveted. It’s a new phase for our lives, a new start. A new launch, you might say. And we’re not really sure what will happen next.

But I’m ready. Ready for launch.

Maybe next time I’ll spend some time pondering why I feel like I have to have launched before I get started. Is my launch only future? Have I not experienced other launches?

Hmm….that’s quite enough for one blog posting, I think.

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