Confused yet?

I have in the last few months started at least 30 blogs. Okay, not really, but I have tried a number. MSN Spaces, Yahoo! 360, and probably a few that I have forgotten. Still trying to find one that feels right for the audiences that I am trying to reach. This one seems to catch primarily my darker moods, which I’ve been hanging out a lot in the last few months. I plan to keep this one going, at least for now. Everyone needs a place to moan, groan, and bemoan. Or at least be moody.

Anyway, for anyone who reads this blog, you might find a new one that I have created to also be of interest to you: Yes, the reference to a blog entry in this Daryl’s Thoughts blog is intentional. I’ve been thinking about that line a lot, and I have decided to explore it in its own blog. As I am also starting up as a minister again, I may also start one additional one. I’ll keep you posted.

I like WordPress because it makes it relatively easy to get a really nice looking blog up really quickly. BlogSpot/Blogger is more flexible (WordPress does not allow editing of the HTML), but WordPress is easier to work with (in my opinion, as one who is not fluent in HTML).

Anyway, let me know what you think of each.

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