Grace in action

Christians are an amazing bunch. From the outside looking in, we must look like so much hypocrisy, claiming perfection and yet so obviously failing it (just look at the typified Baptist business meeting over carpet color). And yet there are few in the world I have encountered that can show such love and mercy.

I have tried hard of late to make it difficult for people to like me. I have fled duties. I have accused. I have rejected. I have labeled. And, fortunately, I was caught in my own hypocrisy by a good friend. He helped me to see what I have been doing for what it is, and I must say that I am very grateful.

So today I returned and found myself surrounded by people who deeply cared and deeply welcomed. I am sure that most are not aware of the demons I have fought within myself over the last while. And I am sure that it is better that way. I am just glad for their lives of grace. We have experienced it, and I experienced it deeply today. Grace in action is beautiful.


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