The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life

The secret to the meaning of life is finding contentment wherever you are.  It’s a secret I have only begun to learn about.

I have certain expectations of my life.  I’m sure that a psychologist or counselor would want me to ponder which of those were my own and which were those imposed on me by others.  I have done some of that pondering and have even begun to differentiate between what is really mine and what is, I think, someone else’s expectations of me.  Well, really, I have just started blaming others for those things that I have found elusive and, for the most part, given up on.  At least for now.

Have you ever looked at a balloon after it has been repeatedly blown up and deflated, reinflated, and deflated, over and over again?  At the end, if it has not burst, it just looks tired and spent.  It makes you wonder if could survive another cycle of inflation and deflation, much less a repetitious one with no end in sight.  I feel like that balloon, cycling over and over again.  One moment I’m inflated and ready to take on the world, or at least my little cubicle at work.  The next, I’m lying empty on the floor, not sure whether I can face that cubicle again.  Not sure that the energy output is worth it.

The secret is finding contentment in the inflation and the deflation.  Both are important, though it may not seem so at any particular point of the cycle.

Paul found contentment throughout a life that had joys greater than my greatest imaginings and pits deeper than my worst nightmares.  I know it is possible.  The secret to the meaning of life is finding contentment wherever you are.  I suppose I shall find that spot one day.  I hope that day comes sooner rather than later.

A quote that I made up and put at the bottom of my e-mails for some time (though I no longer do – don’t know that I have a reason why either way):
“Smile big and often to show the joy of the LORD.”

I hope that now, in this moment that you are reading this, you have a contentment greater than any human could expect on their own.


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