I Believe

I believe in the principles upheld by the Baptist tradition. I believe strongly in the Bible as the primary means God has revealed Himself to us. I believe in the need for each person to come to a personal saving faith. I believe that one act of this faith is for a believer to be baptized, typically through immersion. I believe in individual responsibility: for each person in regards to faith and for each church in regards to its members.

In addition to these, I also believe that none of us has everything right about God or faith. I believe we are always learning new things and correcting old errors. I believe that we learn from each other, and from those around us – even from those not in our tradition, or not in our faith. I believe that God is above and beyond all that we ask or think or imagine or believe, and that God uses any and all means to teach those who believe all they need for the proper and right faith.

And in seeking a place that both holds me accountable to truth and allows me the freedom to continue to learn and become more fully like Christ, I have arrived at Fellowship of the Valley. I think it is such a place, and I hope each of you finds a place for yourself that is like it.

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