Expectations are a funny thing.

Of things, you start expecting something – like of COURSE there is going to be pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. I mean, everybody has pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, right? Until you meet people who don’t have pumpkin pie, they have Derby Pie or chocolate pecan, or perhaps no pies at all. And then you are stuck with your expectation, eating the whole thing when you just really wanted to share it. You mean my tradition isn’t everybody’s tradition? But this is the way Thanksgiving is EXPECTED!

Or of people. The first time I lay my eyes on someone, I generally have an assumption. Which leads to all kinds of expectations of that person – good, bad, or whatever. It’s like I suddenly assume that I know them. Of course, I’m generally proven wrong. My initial assumptions are almost always wrong, and that’s usually a good thing. People are naturally unpredictable. At least for me. Even after knowing people for time measured by years, they can still surprise you. You think you know a person, because you’ve learned to expect certain things from them. And, all of a sudden, they surprise you. They take you utterly off guard and do something that is, from what you know, totally out of character.

Expectations are funny things.

Well, back from the rambling and on to the rest of things. I had a really good Thanksgiving. And for that, I am unexpectedly very thankful.


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